Monday, June 9, 2008

Evoking a feeling

Looking for artwork is such an awesome undertaking. Some pieces move me initially, but after a few days, they feel a bit flat. Others evoke wonderful feelings, but perhaps not exactly those that I'm trying to get after.

It's been a fair time coming, but I've come back to the following images for the last time. Now it's time to pull the trigger. Amazingly, all images are from etsy seller lightleak.

Pacifica V

I get a lot of energy from these photographs. At the same time, they are fanciful and leave a lot open to the imagination (exactly what are the first to images of?).

I also love his blurred images of individuals on the beach. So peaceful. I can't imagine choosing between the company of good friends or just myself if I were actually in one of the photos.

The teacher


Don't you wish you could start every morning this way?

So now the question is which set should find it's home in our guest bathroom. I'm leaning towards the first set because it's a bit more modern and has more movement, but the second evokes a real calming, comfortable feeling. Thoughts?

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