Saturday, March 29, 2008

Where is the number for that guy....?

Our home is not completely organized yet.(shocker). And despite spending a fair amount on a beautiful home office, it started out it's life as the the catch-all room for the house. This makes it particularly difficult to find that one receipt (feel free to replace with card, instruction manual, phone number, etc) on a moment's notice.

Today I stumbled across this handy Home Maintenance Organizer on Knock Knock. What a clever tool to keeping everything in one place.

I particularly like the important Phone Numbers summary, life expectancy (of fixtures, etc.) chart, and maintenance calendar. Keeping everything in one spot seems way too obvious. And by the way, why didn't I come up with this idea?

See Jane Work also sells a good general organizer that holds all your critical documents, such as insurance, certificates (life, marriage, etc.), caregiver info, etc. This is worth a peek as well.

After shipping, duty and all that extra stuff that comes along with living on an island, $30 spent on each of these littly buddies might just keep my sanity. Might.

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