Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ceiling fans

As you can imagine, ceiling fans are everywhere on our little island. After living in many rental apartments, you start to appreciate fans that don't squeak or move air efficiently. From a decor perspective, a fan is a fan and we haven't really found anything special that catches our eye aesthetically.

That was until last night when I stumbled across these beauties on ebay. Reviews indicate that they are well made and I love the design. Simple but a bit rustic/worn at the same time. They are built to be used in damp locations, if needed, so we are planning on using them for all of our outdoor locations.

We'll may forgo the light option, but overall, they look really nice. I ordered three at a price $125 lower than anywhere elsewhere on the internet. Whohoo...saved us almost $400 in total. Mightnight ebay runs aren't so bad after all.

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