Monday, June 4, 2007

Patio retreats

Patios, terraces, verandas and other outdoor spaces offer so much opportunity. Everyone seems to love these areas, but they often don't seem to get utilized to their full potential.

When designing the house, our architect planned for a balcony off of the Master Bedroom as our little retreat. Think Sunday morning mimosas and all those nice moments which we all dream of (but somehow rarely take advantage of...) Mr. Big made sure that this balcony had a roof covering so that it wasn't too hot and I was offering all sorts of options on how to make it an "outdoor room". This was all to make sure it was a space that we would use.

We were in Spain for a conference last year and our hotel room had this beautiful little balcony. We spent loads of time out there. At the end of our stay, we realized that it was the cozy seating, comfy pillows and intimate setting that drew us outside throughout our stay. We decided to plan something similar for our space.

The Westin La Quinta in Marbella, Spain

Our seats have been roughed in and the lighting locations have been identified. This will be a great little area to design further down the road.

As you can image, outdoor living is an important element of life in the Caribbean. I'm hopeful that we can find ways to make our outdoor areas just as relaxing and inviting as their indoor counterparts.

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