Friday, June 29, 2007

Furniture already?

The bones, brain, and arteries of the house are substantially done (being the blockwork, electrical and plumbing). We've really focused to this point on the actual structure as opposed to what furniture we would be putting in it.

Last weekend, we were out on a lovely Saturday stroll and I suggested that we stop in a new shop in Cayman to run a few ideas by Mr. Big. By the time that we left the store 45 minutes later, we had a few new pieces of furniture to our name. Huh? What happened in there?

To be fair, I shouldn't trivialize this as we have searched and searched for a sofa for quite some time that fit Mr. Big and my decor ideas. You see, Mr. Big is on the rather tall side, so the low-to-the ground sleek sofas that I love just don't cut it. Low and behold a little shop here in Cayman had this baby beckoning for us to flounce into it.

It's 39 inches deep and 34 inches tall, which fits my friend perfectly. We'll forgo the dress kick and get a stacked-tailored finish similar to the sofa below.

Before we had the time to leave the shop, Mr. Big plopped himself down into a highback chair that he proclaimed to be the perfect size for him. It was a light linen version of the following and absolutely beautiful (somewhere out there my mother is laughing..."wait until she sees what happens to light linen chairs"...)

The deal was sealed when the saleslady informed him that it was actually a recliner. I tried to hide in the corner (pretending to look at rugs or fake plants or anything else), but ultimately the rings of praise and twinkly eyes were two much. Mr. Big's recliners have finally found a place in the house.

So the sofa has been identified and the recliners purchased. I guess that the next thing to do might be to get the windows on the house. :) Yes, we were ahead of ourselves last weekend, but as Mr. Big says, "when it's right, it's just right."

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