Monday, May 14, 2007

Tankless water heaters

In our current condo, Mr. Big and I can hardly fit into the laundry room at the same time between the washer/dryer and water heater. Nor can we hear each other when the door is open. The air conditioning howls in there so loud that the door must be closer in order to hear the television...and unfortunately that is not an exaggeration.

When it came to planning for the utilities in the house, we were really impressed with tankless water heaters offered locally through the gas company. Our builders were not keen on the idea (change is not a good thing in their view), but we convinced them to allow us to try this more energy-efficient option.

As of this week, we now have facilities for hot water in the house. And better yet, it is done by two of these small units placed in our 2nd floor attic. Fab! No large water heaters, lower electricity bills (hopefully), and reduced risk of flooding. If they work as promised, we can set the starting temperature for all hot water in the house, which then can be adjusted as needed (like for the super duper hot showers enjoyed by yours truly).

Let's be honest, a hot water heater certainly wouldn't have excited us a year ago. But this is where we are at. (yes, it will be nice to get back to normal life) And after all the persuasion that we put forth to our builders to stretch their limits, it sure feels good to watch them marvel at what a neat option they have just installed. Couldn't agree more!

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